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Termos e Condições

Welcome to the José Gigante Arquitecto, Lda. Website. Please read carefully through the following terms and conditions of use which govern your use of this website.
By entering and using this Website, you unconditionally agree to these Terms. The Terms can be subject to changes, portions of each section can be modified, changed, added or removed solely by José Gigante Arquitecto, Lda. at any time. 

This Website is owned, registered and maintained by José Gigante Arquitecto, Lda..

José Gigante Arquitecto owns all copyrights for all material on this Website or has the valid approval from a third party to use the material on the Website.
The José Gigante Arquitecto, Lda. Website and all content on this Website including, but not limited to, artwork, audio-visual material, charts, data, drawings, graphics, icons, illustrations, images, information, logos, photographs, reports, text, user interfaces, video material, visual interfaces is the property solely of José Gigante Arquitecto, Lda., unless otherwise credited.

Every reasonable attempt has been made to identify third party proprietary rights. José Gigante Arquitecto, Lda. apologizes for any errors or omissions that may occur. They will be corrected in subsequent updates of the credits section of the Website. Please contact us should you discover any inconsistencies or have any corrections.

No part of this Website may be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted or distributed in any way for commercial purposes. Use of materials or any content from this Website without José Gigante Arquitecto’s, Lda. prior written consent and permission is strictly prohibited. Any action resulting in an infringement of the before mentioned copyright notice may result in legal proceedings.

The content on this Website is for informational purposes only. Any content on this Website can be modified, replaced, removed or deleted by José Gigante Arquitecto, Lda. at any time without prior notice.

Contact for any request for information, inquiries, objections to the processing of your data, etc. 
Please address any requests for information, inquiries, objections to the processing of your data, and any questions you may have to the following address:

Política de Privacidade

It is guaranteed that all Personal Data, obtained through legally consented means, constitute privacy reserve of its holders, whose violation will be susceptible to holding responsibility by the part of their obliged.

Legally consenting means are, among others, those obtained by e- mail, access and use of the site, marketing actions and professional data.

Such data shall be used free of charge and for the necessary time only for the purposes for which it is intended, in compliance with legal provisions, or for the satisfaction of the public interest, with the written authorization of its owner only where the use or disclosure to third parties exceeds said limits

In this sense, this privacy guarantee extends to all entities with which this company has corporate relations or to develop activities or partnerships of any nature, including all those who collaborate in the activity of one or other, regardless of the nature of the contractual relationship.

To this end, all necessary technical means for safeguarding privacy are allocated, in particular respecting the treatment of cookies, regardless of their type, in addition to the ability, granted to the holders of Personal Data, to access such Data, as well as of the requirement of its alteration or removal, which shall be in written form.

The right to change these Rules of Privacy Policy is reserved, which will be notified when substantial.
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